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2019 Campaigns 2nd quarter

1st quater 2019

Product ID Date Released Subject Line linked to Ad
L-93272, L-93177, L-93175, L-93102 05-02-2019 Incredible Paperweights - Original Designs with Powerful Msg.\LOGO. Tap to view
T-57907, W-142-A, W-142-B, T-57921 05-03-2019 Excellent Bookmarks, always an excellent promotional item! Order Today!
H-43222-D, T-57298, H-102, W-598-C 05-07-2019 Our Best Collection of Binders and Many more offered. Order NOW! watch this video..
H-70731, H-62371, H-82372, H-126 05-09-2019 Ring Binders of all sizes for everyone. Tap to view. Order Today!
L-19210, C-70626, C-70926, H-57682 05-10-2019 Leather Specialties, top quality and last forever! Order Today!
L-199009, L-19911, L-19903, L-17739 05-14-2019 The Finest of all Top Quality Promotional Products. Call Today!
T-57102, H-109, T-57161, W-804 05-16-2019 Portfolio's at a great price Only for distributors. Call Today!
T-57294, H-55222, W-756, T-57194 05-17-2019 Journals, proudly displaying your LOGO! Call NOW!
L-81445, L-81455, L-81436, L-81368 05-21-2019 Glass Awards for Excellence and Achievements. Call Today!
WPS-1, WPS-6, W-MAG, W-MAG 1 05-23-2019 Magnetic and in Full Color Calendar's for everyone! Tap to view! Call today!
T-57131, T-57171, W-756, W-532 05-24-2019 Presentation Folders custom made. Call to Order Today!
T-94010, L-52321, T-57337, T-52316 05-28-2019 Coasters for EVERYONE, premium at a low-cost. Call Today!
C-70629, C-57406, W-530, C-70626 05-30-2019 Checkbook Covers, click to preview! Order today! Call NOW!
L-57686, C-70640, L-94015, W-425 05-31-2019 Business Card Holders,Distributors choice - many to choose from! Call to Order Today!
L-22200, L-P62MR, L-PC403R, L-P601M 06-04-2019 Who! needs an awesome Promotional Product "Pen" for everyone!
L-93272, L-93177, L-93175, L-93102 06-06-2019 Incredible Promotional Product Paperweights - Original Designs with Powerful Msg.\LOGO. Tap to view
T-57907, W-142-A, W-142-B, T-57921 06-07-2019 Top Quality Bookmarks are always an excellent Promotional Product item! Order Today!
L-94357, L-40203, L-44129, L-40046 06-11-2019 Plaques for Recognition and Awards, great memories. Call Today!
L-47680, L-81435, L-47257, L-47346 06-13-2019 Exquisite and Unique. Frame it, awards and so much more. Call Today!
L-81370, L-81436, L-81438, L-69801 06-14-2019 Acrylic Awards and more to choose from! Order Today! Call NOW!
H-331, H-1315, H-62371, H-70371 06-18-2019 Binders - Promotional Product Binders and More Awesome Binders for everyone. Call Now!
H-70371, H-62371, H-82372, H-126 06-20-2019 Ring Binders\Promotional Products of all sizes for everyone. Tap to view & Order Today!
W-656, W-899-D, T-57161-L, H-62372 06-21-2019 Organizers and Planners are THE BEST promotional products, attractive and affordable. Tap to view more!